Can I really laugh at anything?

what? Do i look funny or something?
what? Do i look funny or something? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like to think that I have a fairly broad sense of humor, although I will admit readily that I don’t really appreciate lower humor as much as others. One time, back when I worked at Eckroth Music, I was discussing podcasts with a Speed-Dee driver; he suggested that I listen to the Kevin Smith podcast. I listened to two episodes, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the brand of humor presented, not to mention the amount of profanity involved. Not my cuppa joe.

Still, “funny” is a matter of opinion. There are things that some people don’t think are funny that other people do. I can live with that. The things that I seriously consider to be unfunny usually involve some kind of hardship on my part. The joke might not be at my expense, but if I’ve had a hard time with something, I certainly do not find it funny. Like when people make jokes about how long our work days are at my job, I don’t think that’s funny. Sometimes I think it’s similar to how holocaust survivors might have felt about the holocaust.

So can anything be funny? I don’t think so; and if I don’t find something funny, there is a good chance that I won’t laugh at it. Does that put that subject off limits? I don’t think so. Some people might find it funny, but if I don’t, I’ll just stay away; I might not even say anything against it as long as no one is getting hurt. I’ll just let others have their fun.

I know what you’re thinking; I assure you, this has not been my day.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post Prompt.

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