Am I really all that funny?

Only the serious know how to truly laugh
Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In short, the answer to that question really depends upon the situation. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a comedian. Not that I’m not a funny person! There are times when I can make people laugh, and I really like making people laugh; but unlike those people who try too hard, I like to choose an opportunity, rather than force it. After all, real humor is spontaneous, am I right? Even professional comedians have to wing it sometimes.Most of the time I tend to be a little more serious, though seriously laid back.

So I’m not necessarily a “funny” person, but I can crack a joke like anyone else. I like humor, since it does play something of a role in my life: my favorite kind of television show would be comedies; be they sitcoms or not, regardless of milieu or genre – I like funny comics and laughing in general, I think it’s good for the soul. And I think it’s good for people to know how to laugh at themselves, and to laugh when life throws you a curveball or just a big rotten lemon.

douglas adams inspired "Hitch hikers guid...
Douglas Adams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if I must weigh in on who is the funniest person I know, I’m going to either tell you about a dead person or one of those people that are funny because they think they are and the truth happens to veer a little to the left. I’d tell you that George Carlin would have my first vote and Douglas Adams would be second. But then again, I don’t really know them – and who really does, considering that they’ve moved on from the earthly realm? Therefore the mantle must pass on to my brother in-law, who is hilarious a great deal of the time, more or less due to the fact that he thinks he’s funny, if you get my drift.

And the thing is, I am more likely to make you laugh if I know you better. It’s that thing about how familiarity breeds contempt – ipso facto, familiarity breeds hilarity. After all, it’s easier to make a joke that’s irreverent of someone, and the ego doesn’t always look inward for a victim, does it? Still, I could probably be more funny in general if I poke fun at myself a little more often.

Maybe I’ll look into that.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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