>Thursday has been trashed.

>     Oh, what a stupid day. As if it didn’t start out cruddy; I couldn’t run again, because it was nineteen degrees outside and there was snow on the ground. What? What happened to Spring?!? Well, Monday’s high is supposed to be sixty-four, so there’s hope yet. I get to work and it’s a freaking zoo. Kids all over the place, carrying violins and violas and cellos and I’m thinking, I thought this was supposed to happen last night. Despite the distraction and the inability to get anything done quickly, I finish receiving and dealing with “special” issues by 12:30, and I’m supposed to find stuff to do among all of the hubbub?
     Oh yeah, there’s a string festival happening in the store right now. Apparently whomever holds it couldn’t afford the space they usually get, so Eckroth was kind enough to host it. I’m actually writing this right now because I’m bored to tears and I can’t do anything else because there’s too much traffic in the store. The good thing about today is that I get to pick up the Saturn after work. The shop manager at Cenex called me just before eleven this morning to tell me that it’s ready to go. Apparently, the coolant was leaking from a gasket and he just tightened it and solved the problem!

     We’ll see, right?

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