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Surf Artist Highlight: The Bambi Molesters

So what’s in a band’s name? When you hear “Bambi Molesters”, does it put you off your groove just a little? Continue reading Surf Artist Highlight: The Bambi Molesters

Surf Artist Highlight: DAIKAIJU!

For this month’s Surf Artist Highlight we want to introduce you to a surf band that does it in all caps, selling itself with the enthusiasm of Japanese monster-movie hype and an image that would probably not fit in at the local tiki bar:

All reverb guitar action full on, GO!!!
All reverb guitar action full on, GO!!!

Daikaiju is an action-packed, kabuki-masked performance art band, which means that they’re just as interesting to see as they are to hear. They cultivate more mystery than history when it comes to figuring out who they are; all we can know for sure is that they formed in Huntsville, Alabama in 1999 and they have released two full-length albums to date: the self-titled Daikaiju in 2005 and Phase 2 in 2010. A visit to any of their online presences will reveal only these things:

Daikaiju (die-kie-joo)

Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure!

Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special protection.

Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

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Follow the links below to battle your way to more sonic goodies and reasonably-priced CDs!

The Larryville Chronicles: Interview with Daikaiju (August 20, 2012)
Youtube: Double-fist Attack


Surf Artist Highlight: Aloha Screwdriver

For our first ever Surf Artist Highlight, we proudly present to you Aloha Screwdriver, a fast-paced, heavy-riffing instrumental surf band out of Alameda, California. They were started in 2009 by three guys who have been playing music together since they were teens: Donald Bell on guitar, Grant Shellen on bass, and Steve Slater on drums.

Running into their music was, to say the least, a serendipitous accidental music discovery of epic proportions; I was ordering a couple of specific surf CDs on Double Crown Records’ website and realized I had a little of the money left that I had saved for surf music because Double Crown always has a monthly special going on. I found Aloha Screwdriver’s first CD No Way Out in the clearance section, and it was in my price range. I listened to some 30-second previews on iTunes, liked what I heard, and ordered the CD. When my CD’s arrived I imported them into iTunes and added them to the massive, ever-growing surf music playlist that syncs to my phone.

At this point, setting a playlist with the iPhone version of Runkeeper was still a little new to me. I didn’t realize that I had to hit a switch to shuffle the playlist, and it took me two weeks to realize that I was hearing the same tracks over and over on my runs. As it turns out, No Way Out was at the top of my playlist and I was listening to the entire album every time I went running, but it worked perfectly. No Way Out is the kind of in-your-face, action-oriented music that makes you want to roll down your windows and turn it up to 11. Here’s a track from that album:

There are more tracks available for listening on the band’s website, as well as on Spotify, Pandora, and

No Way Out can still be obtained from Aloha Screwdriver for $7.00. Their new album The Haunted Planet is now available for $11.00, and includes an exclusive postcard of the cover art and an emailed link to the MP3 version of the album so that you don’t have to wait for the CD to arrive before you get the Screwdriver in your ears. Their online store offerings include posters for both albums and band name logo stickers and t-shirts. They accept payment via Paypal and it even appears as though U.S. shipping is free.

Both albums are recorded on vintage gear direct to 1-inch analog tape, which is really the way that it should be. According to their store’s description for The Haunted Planet, “[c]areful listening will reveal the occasional grunt or flat note, but you’d be missing the point. This may be the only recording you hear all year that didn’t pass through Pro Tools before hitting your ears. This is the unvarnished sound of a real band playing real rock and roll, and it’s a rare thing these days.” Almost as rare as a band like Aloha Screwdriver, perhaps.

Aloha Screwdriver’s website
Aloha Screwdriver’s Facebook page
Aloha Screwdriver’s YouTube channel