>Introducing. . . Disco Flash!

>     Well, getting my morning exercise is going well. This morning I went out again, which is great! Coming back from the blue dome (which Karisa says is a water tank – makes sense to put it on a hill, right?) I put my sights on going down 9th Street from Collins to 6th Avenue NW. It was so steep. In fact, it was too steep; I had to go so slowly down that hill, I wasn’t even moving at a walk. Oh well, it was a great workout. I stopped at the store before going home to get soda, mustard, and garlic toast. Gotta keep the supply chain moving!
     I had speech class this evening after work. It was the same thing at first; we had to watch examples of persuasive speeches. Sweet. I had a hard time staying awake, thanks to my narcolepsy. Then we had a cool little activity: our teacher – a fun little lady who probably qualifies as a midget in terms of her stature – put us in groups of five and gave each group a little knick-knack. Our job was to make an impromptu infomercial based on that item (which could be anything we wanted it to be – it was an inspirational prop.) We had about ten minutes; the criteria were that everyone had to speak, and there had to be three selling points. We had a little blue disco ball on a keychain.
     Disco Flash was born. Have you ever found yourself nervous while walking down the street at night? Have you ever felt like pepper spray just wasn’t enough? Do you wish that you had a way to retreat? Well now, your escape is within reach with Disco Flash!
     Just pull the pin and chuck it in! Disco Flash is a military-grade flash-bang grenade in a convenient keychain. This high-speed device looks like an ordinary, el-cheapo keychain; but when you’re looking for that quick exit, you just pull the pin and chuck it in! That’s right, folks: no more lame excuses and victimization! Disco Flash is fashionable, easy to use, and quite affordable. Are you facing the threat of imminent death at the hands of a mugger? Do you feel like telling your boss off, once and for all? How about getting rid of that ultra-clingy girlfriend? The bright flash and loud noise generated by Disco Flash will incapacitate your foe and give you time to make your escape!
     If you call now, for the low price of $19.95, you’ll receive not one, not two, but three Disco Flashes, and as a bonus we’ll throw in the patented Disco Flash sunglasses with built-in earplugs!
     Pretty cool, right? I’d buy that!

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