>What’s in an expiration date?

>    I’m getting fed up with my milk going bad way before the expiration date. For example, I bought this half-gallon of Cass Clay milk less than a week ago. . . say, Monday. The expiration date is July 5th, and yet this morning it has gone sour and I can’t drink it. What’s the deal with that?
    Now, it’s not like I’m a huge cereal man or anything (I have had Kellogg’s Pops on the brain lately – I’ve been resisting “that urge.”) but I do drink milk every day. Every morning when I’m in the mood to eat I have my usual breakfast, and it’s pretty much protein. Two large, salted boiled egg whites, two slices of Bar-S turkey lunchmeat, two spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a short glass of milk. I use the milk to wash down a Claritin, a Centrum, and two Tums.
    You might think, “well, that’s not a lot of milk.” You’re right. It’s about eight ounces, and there’s about eight times that much in the half gallon. I threw out half of that this morning, so I got milk on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. . . yep, that’s it. Sometimes Karisa has cereal, so I stopped buying smaller quantities of milk because I don’t want to buy milk every other day, but it’s starting to look like that’s my only choice. Why even bother putting an expiration date on the milk if I can’t trust it?
    Right now, that expiration date means very little to me. Could this problem be attributable to my refrigerator? Perhaps. I do have it set to its coldest setting, and I have yet to freeze anything in there. Maybe there’s an uber-cold zone in the fridge that I have yet to identify. Our fridge is a cheap little thing, if you ask me. It’s nice, and it’s new – but it just doesn’t seem like a “sturdy” fridge, when you look at it. Maybe that’s what it is.

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