>012: A book for a wedding present



Note: this was originally posted as 011, but I realized that I had been slacking and forgot to post about the actual 011, which is light years cooler than this pink zebrosity. More news to follow this weekend.
My sister asked me to make a book for a wedding present for one of her friends, and I have delivered the quality. This is the first book I will have sold, and I had to charge a little bit more because I had to pass on the cost of shipping the lovely, eye-scalding cover paper (which was hard to find in the first place.) It’s another stab-bound journal in pink and black, with a 5.5″ x 8.5″ all-purpose paper textblock. The cover is pink and black zebra-stripe paper from some scrapbook designer collection, and the book features a pink vellum flyleaf both in the front and back, a pink/black tassel bookmark (I have to figure out how they hide the knot on a tassel,) and a pink/black closure, braided single-strand-style with a charm on the end. Here are a few pictures!



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