>011 – The travelogue, first iteration

>Ha ha, did I say “this weekend” so long ago? That was my mistake. What I meant was, “when I was so sick of doing homework and trying to figure out my pitifully small working space while trying to keep everyone else happy”. So here it is! You’ll find the pictures after the jump, but don’t skip my awesome description, please.

011 is my first concept of a “travel journal,” or travelogue, as I like to call it. It’s a mappy, stampy, word-cloudy kind of book comprising roughly 120 pages of cotton stationery, postal-printed vellum flyleaves, and real international postage stamps on the outside covers. Very cool stuff, indeed. I neglected to cut a space out of the covers after having measured them to account for the spacing between the cover boards and the spine boards, so the cover sticks out a bit on the fore edge. I thought this would be a marvelous place to store a pen, but I haven’t really gotten around to figuring out how I’m going to accomplish that, so maybe I’ll do it and maybe I won’t.

I made it so that the owner of this book could use either cover as the front; I like to make it a matter of personal choice. Do you prefer Greece/Uruguay/Argentina/Poland/Australia/The Netherlands, or England/Germany/Denmark/Romania/The Philippines/The Netherlands? That’s a huge choice, one that says a lot about you, and I’m not going to make it for you.


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