First journal of the Summer: embossing, full leather, coptic stitching

I completed my first journal since moving into the new home. I’ve already put it up for sale on Etsy, and hopefully it will sell quickly. I really like it, it’s a coptic stitch binding that lets the book lay flat – a huge bonus for people who really hover over the page and don’t want to hold up the opposite cover the whole time. The covers are full green suede, which is a first for me. Suede – leather, for that matter – seems to be as easy to work with as paper, when it comes to gluing it down. But it’s stretchy, in a tough way, and that’s where embossing becomes fun. This is the first book I’ve embossed, and I figured it would be easy enough but I just wanted to start light, so I made a big tree shape in the cover. It’s marvelous. I’ll probably do more of this in the future.

Finally, I finished off the journal with a simple bookmark of linen tape with two small Czech glass leaf beads and one large tumbled leaf pendant sewn onto the end. All in all, it’s a good start for a Summer bookmaking season.

See how it lies flat? That's nice. Check out the bookmark!
You can see here the inside cover paper and the place where the bookmark attaches.


  1. Thank you, Michael! You know, every once in a while I get in a journaling craze, but for some darned reason the thing that really sparks my creativity is making them, which is weird because they’re still empty!

    • Well the one day you DO decide to journal, you’ll be all taken care of and have several awesome books to choose from!!! So there’s that.

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