‘’Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier……..’’. How ‘tweeter’ Emma Way has ruined her life.

I’m thinking that this girl should probably be jailed and psychologically evaluated for her apathy. This is why people who ride bikes have to ride like motorists are trying to kill them – and we’re not even the ones who are clogging the roads with traffic, the sky with pollution, the environment with toxic chemicals, and the scrapyards with junk metal when we choose to ride; bicycle riders and pedestrians all deserve a little more respect from motorists!


  1. And ironically, most of the ways to cycle that seem intuitively safest are in fact the most dangerous: if we stay out of the way of cars, we’re less visible to their drivers and (studies show) more likely to be hit by them. If, on the other hand, we stay visible and take a prominent position in the lane, we’re less likely to be hit by accident, but we become the focus of road rage from motorists like Emma Way who want us out of the way and who think the law supports their view of where we should cycle.

    It’s a catch-22.

    • Well now that explains why they try to tell us to cycle in the road, but I usually do not feel comfortable there because of drivers like Emma Way, and her blatant disregard for the safety of others makes her act all the more heinous. Good points, Ian.

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