Site building, week 2

Last week I decided to begin dedicating one morning each week to site building for the foreseeable future – until this place gets fairly robust.  Since I get my choice of one or two days – my work days start early – this week that day is today. This week’s changes include the following:

  • I wrote and posted an article page called “A History of Surf Music”, which can be found underneath the About Surf menu link (hover over that link, and the sub-menu should appear)
  • I added a picture to the head of the page “A History of Surfing” in order to make it more interesting. I might do a collage in the near future.
  • Speaking of which, I revamped the navigational menu in order to provide a more site-like feel for Rob’s Surf Report. Some of the menu items have a sub-menu now, and you have to hover over them with the mouse to bring up the sub-menu. That cleans up the site navigation menu.
  • I removed the home and about links from below the search bar and moved them to the site navigation menu (for obvious reasons)
  • I added three more bands to the list of surf band links:
    • Daikaiju
    • Man or Astro-Man?
    • The Bambi Molesters
  • I added a new site to the list of surf info links – TransWorld Surf, which is a great site for surf videos, photos, and news.
  • Under the hood, I weeded out the media library. For some reason the WordPress app for iPhone forces me to upload an image twice in order to a) put it in the article and b) set it as a featured image. Therefore I have to go in once in a while and get it down to one image per article (where the featured image is concerned) and re-set the featured image.

Do you have any feedback or comments? If so, feel free to leave them below.

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