Dock day

This is one of those days.

I declared that I was on a two-week beercation on Wednesday but today came up as the day we were going to help my father in-law put the dock in the river, which is never easy but seems to go alright whenever the brother in-law and I are involved.

Or maybe I just think it’s fun. I’ve been looking forward to it this year, and got a little excited when my mother in-law texted me about it yesterday. The work was worth it; the right side of the dock came up against a rock, then it got stuck in the mud. We pushed, we cranked, we used winches and gears and pulleys and chains… complex machines using simple machines: it’s the mechanical food chain.

I declared a moratorium on the beercation for the remainder of the day. It’s beautiful and breezy, I’m sitting on a dock in the river and blogging – what could be better?

I’m on my third Bud Light. Heck, it’s not really beer. I think I’m doing alright.


  1. sittin on the dock of the bay watchin’ the tiiiide roll away. you’re welcome. If I have it plaing in my head you should too LOL

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