First morning run of the year

So this morning I got to go on my first morning run of the year; And on a Tuesday no less, A morning of the week when I have to sit down for about a half hour and manage the finances because my check rolls in. The best part is, I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got outside, (because i looked up, D.) and I ran straight for it. I got some pictures of it; wanna see it? Here it is:
This one showed some great colors cascading through the clouds appearing over the high school, but it was not enough to satisfy me; I wanted to see the sun rise.
Then I got this one of the sun rising over Cashwise. I tapped to focus on the sun so I wouldn’t miss any of that melty gold spilling over the horizon like spatter from a welder’s gun.
That bright spot in the middle is the Sun itself, peeking from between two houses. What a playful way to start the day, right?

The Sun’s light and warmth are a pleasant gift to the Earth and all of the life thereupon. I vow that today and each day hereafter I shall make my best effort to follow in the Sun’s example, by shedding some of the light and warmth inside of me, and so do my part to help life thrive in the Universe.


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