Saturday Jams: A New Route to the Indies

Today’s Saturday Jams post features two songs by bands I have considered to be indie bands – bands whose music is more or less produced independently of major record labels. It could be self -produced and then released via a major label or the band’s own label. You can start indie and stay inside, or get signed; but indie can also refer solely to the genre of music you’re playing, which sounds ambivalent but is most easily identifiable with folk music, in my estimation.

Or first pick fits that bill.  The Decemberists are an indie folk rock band, but the album that the following track came from – The King is Dead – was released by Capitol records, leaving the question in my mind of whether the term indie is just a genre label for the Decemberists or a legitimate designation of independence. Either way, they’re good and I enjoy their music. My favorite song by The Decemberists is about being a good neighbor and finding your place in the greater and smaller communities; here’s Don’t Carry it All:

Our second song pick comes from the definitely true indie band Foxtails Brigade. They produce and release their own music without major labels, distributing it via iTunes and their website. I prefer their Farmhouse Sessions over their regular albums because the sound is just better, in my own opinion. I’m not sure what the song is about yet, but I like the simple folk instrumentation and staccato vocal lyricism of Don’t Look Down:


Feel free to share your thoughts!

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