I don’t do grief… I think.

Today I’m switching it up a little and doing the prompt from The One-Minute Writer:

Describe grief you have felt in your life: What or who you have lost, what has that felt like, how has that emotion impacted your life?

I’m not sure I do grief, to be perfectly honest. Maybe it sounds inhuman, or at the very least unfeeling, but I feel little in terms of loss; and there have been losses to speak of, but I have never grieved per se. This is why I say that I do not grieve. People die, and life moves on. That is an indisputable truth, and if there is one thing I have always been good at it is moving on with my life. But what if I lost someone really close to me? Would I grieve? Maybe. Would it eat me up? Probably. But I really would prefer if I didn’t have to face that situation any time in the near future, and preferably not at all.

Because if there’s one thing I do not do well, it’s being alone. That, to me, is where I find grief.


  1. It is an interesting way of looking at it. I agree that I don’t really grieve, I “miss” but don’t grieve. Being alone – that has to be the saddest existence known to man. Way to make them think serious thoughts on two hours of sleep!

  2. I don’t think it makes you inhuman. I think it likely makes you an NT (according to Myers-Briggs personality type testing)–the sort of person who notices big pictures more than details, and the sort of person whose thinking patterns are far more logic-driven than feelings-driven. That’s all.

    • I took a Myers-Briggs once, but I forget how I tested and how the scale works. I will look into that again. I really am a big picture type. Thanks for bringing that up.

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