You guys totally missed out-

I was going to post this long piece on the importance of freedom and the oppressive religious views that impede freedom. It was going to be good and sort of point to the idea that religious tolerance would do much to ease the path to a harmonious planetary civilization. Kind of a no-brainer, but a topic I like to ruminate upon and one that I think makes for good discussion among enlightened individuals.

Instead, I stayed up late last night figuring out how to unlock and root my Nexus tablet. I sort of got off track from just deleting the Facebook app, ha ha! Then it was four in the morning and I thought, ‘there goes my blog post’. But it’s no big deal. I like to modify my devices and whatnot because I’m a huge believer in freedom. I believe in top-down laissez-faire administration, so that the most power rests with the individual, then the state, then the nation. If you buy a piece of equipment, you should have the right to modify it to suit your needs, am I right? So it’s totally in the spirit of Independence.

Ironically, after the parade we forewent fair food for a decidedly ironic sort of fare: Chinese.


Let freedom ring, my friends; enjoy your weekend.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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