Light speed thumbs

Having one of those days.

You know the ones, where you come in to work and right away you have to fix a bunch of stuff, and then you find a bunch of stuff that’s wrong when it causes your machine to stop, and you have to spend a bunch of time fixing the worst error in the history of CNC plasma punches… Yeah, it’s one of those, and for some reason I’m just not feeling it. The prompt blows, for one thing. Time constraints is another. I demand a full-blown Pulitzer winner in a 15-minute period, darn it, but it’s not in me. Not today.

Like, why would I want anyone to not read my blog? that’s the prompt, you know, “who’s the one person you don’t want to read your blog.” The moment you name them, you might as well be aware they’re reading it. Voldemort. Sauron. My mom. The CIA, the NSA, the NBA, and ASCAP. President Nixon, you better not be reading my blog!!


Yeah, says you. Anywho, here I am trying to wind up light-speed thumbs and finding myself woefully short of a sonic boom. I want everyone in the world to read this blog, because I have nothing to hide, a lot to say on most days, and no easy way to express myself in person. I’m just trying to get the job done here, folks.

But since I’m a little scandalous, I’ll pass on what other bloggers have to hide:


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