If I were moving on…

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary, and also my wife’s birthday. We enjoyed a nice dinner, beginning with a little conversation that started with her saying that if I ever lost my job, she would have no problem with us packing everything up, selling the house, and moving somewhere new. I was very pleased to hear this, and we had this discussion of East Coast vs. West Coast. Maybe Virginia or Massachusetts. Perhaps Portland OR.

The thing is, if that happened I think I would like to try to find a job writing – copywriting, or something. Or maybe I could write freelance. But the way I see it, if I’m not writing then I will never write and that’s why I’m glad I have this blog and that I work so hard to post on a (nearly) daily basis. If one life change were to result from writing my blog, that’s what I would want it to be.

Today’s Daily Post prompt:

What do other bloggers say?

9 thoughts on “If I were moving on…”

  1. You got to combine your wedding anniversary and your wife’s birthday? You’re a very lucky man! I have often thought of copywriting, it would be something that I would love to do. Why don’t you investigate the field a little – it cannot hurt.

      1. Your talented enough to do this, why not send out resumes to more independent companies? Worst case they tell you what you need to do to prepare for the position.

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