Saturday Jams: Drawing a Blank


Yep, so a few weeks into this weekly feature I’ve come up with no idea, no unifying concept for the post. I could blame the fact that I haven’t been running so much lately due to the excessive amounts of holidays and celebrations and hoopla over whatnot and stuff; running gets me all inspired, or maybe it’s the podcasts I listen to while I’m doing it. I could probably blame just being more or less distracted, a lame (nonexistent) brainstorming process, not enough coffee, not enough beer, not quite enough confidence, maybe. . .

But here it is. In my quest for some earworms I found a couple of really cool videos I want you to watch this week. MTV is on TV, and the last time I watched it, it was all rap. That was a long-ish time ago. VH1? Is that still around? Please, someone tell me. So if you just watch a few music videos a week, I invite you to watch these, they’re very cool.

The first one I need to show you is from this album I have been listening to, Night Visions by Imagine Dragons. I don’t know how they get along on the radio because Bismarck doesn’t have really good radio stations – commercial or otherwise – like Detroit does. I tend to listen to NPR more than anything, and that’s how I gauge quality around here. But I understand they’re doing pretty well. The album is solid; it’s one of those that I get because of a couple songs and the thirty-second clips that you can hear on iTunes. What you get from the album is more than you can normally ask for, and I love these. Track 1 is Radioactive, and the lyrics led me to imagine a post-apocalyptic desert inhabited by automatons searching for release; the video, however tells a different but still very neat story. Check this out:

The second I want you to see is from the Decemberists’ album Picaresque. Thanks go to my wife Karisa for telling me about this one; I tried to find an HD version but this one is so old – so very old – from 2006. So you’ll have to do with this one, which frankly isn’t that bad. Anyway, I can’t say anything about this video – it’s hilarous and it says it all for itself:

Once again, thanks for “tuning in”, and feel free to leave comments below.

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  1. Red right ankle- The decemberists one of my faves.
    and to go old school:

    and one of three of my favorite lyricists and professor:

    ..and a little jeff tweedy of wilco…another fave and where my name was born:

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