Next year’s Summer vacation

Well, last night Karisa and I figured out what we would like to do for our Summer trip next year. We are going to drive through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota on a loop that will take us through the Pacific Northwest. With any luck, I will have saved up two weeks’ worth of paid time off (PTO) and enough loot to pay for things like gas, food, and fun activities for ourselves and our one or more munchkins.

When I go a-travelin’, I like to see the sights – not just the landmarks, but the general environment. I like to go to the different specialized museums, shop in the different little stores, and eat the local foods (within reason). I actually like interacting with others outside of my familiar environment, too. We plan to see Glacier National Park and Lookout Pass; we’re going to shop at fruit stands in Walla Walla, Washington and in Seattle; we’re going to visit the, ocean and maybe I will even get to surf in Portland! If we can fit it in, it would be nice to see Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore as well.

What’s your favorite part of visiting new places? Do you have any sightseeing suggestions for our trip?

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What do other bloggers like about traveling?


  1. I do have suggestion..they are lengthy list when free…man, if im still around id love to come meet you guys for a day or two

  2. Eat at Tilth in Seattle. Mount St Helen’s is interesting hiking. Drive the Columbia Gorge. Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia is quirky, and the Oregon coast below there is stunning. The iceberg lake trail at Glacier is worth the day.

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