Saturday Jams: Why So Serious?

I’m just going to have some fun with hip hop this morning. I can’t write knowledgeably about the genre, so instead here are a few of my favorite new school hip hop videos from my childhood. Remember when MTV had real mass appeal?

Fact: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was created in 1983, but it was not really a place until much later; in 1986 they chose Cleveland, Ohio as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and didn’t break ground on the construction of the museum until 1993. In 1995 they dedicated the museum, and in 2009 Run-D.M.C. were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Fact: The Beastie Boys’ breakout album Licensed to Ill was reviewed favorably in Rolling Stone with the headline “Three Idiots Create a Masterpiece” and subsequently became the first rap album to hit number one on the Billboard album chart.

One more, because I just can’t forget D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince:

What do you think? Was it a swing and a miss today, or am I just beating myself up?

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  1. Made me remember the day adrock fell which made me remember this:
    I cried that day.
    I have respect for rap more for hiphop
    Especially locals like Fat Tony,BunB ( who also teaches at rice university). Also mos def and Q.Tip are in my catalouge..old school NWA, MC Chris(Nerd core), Run Dmc will always get my love…but hands down The Beastie Boys who started as a punk band and at whose concert i broke my leg are. #1 in my heart..because theyre the cheese and im the macaroni! and who doesnt like cookiepuss? Good post brother.

          • And we didn’t see it coming either, that’s what’s so hard about that; like when Dimebag Darrel got killed the way he did, I remember where I was when I heard the news – I was getting my tires changed at the Belle Tire in Royal Oak – and I was like wow, who’da thought?

            • Exactly, tears started streaming down my face…I called my friend Niki, we had seen the beasties years back and trying to get to the front my leg got caught in a folding chair..felt no pain ..kept climbing,running to the front for a piece of Michael Diamonds b-day cake.(got stitches after the show)
              walking ho,e every day in 5th grade listening to “License To Ill” eggman, cookiebuss, LIVE ON MCA i’ll bring you a cookiepuss when i head your eay.

              Again, thanks for that post.

              same thing with Kurt Cobain, was in the hospital. I froze,
              had just seen them play .So stunned, no tears. Only a hole in my heart and confusion.

              Elliot Smith…Oh man, maybe I saw a lot of myself in him. it was 1am, w/2 friends @a place called late night pie. I just got up. went to the Ms. PacMan sitdown and played for an hour. singing “angeles” over and over in my head.

              You know I’m a realist and face death “head on” (Jesus and Mary chain song covered by the pixies lol wth d??)
              however something tied to people that make the music that save me is so much more striking and tragic rhan my own death.

    • I like Mos Def. I never really ran with kids who liked a lot of rap, so I was always on the outside of that movement except for like a year in Junior High and that’s just embarrassing. I really wish I knew more in the genre.

    • In an act of irreverent self-cannibalism – well put. MTV is nothing like what it was when it went live in the early 80’s. even by the time I was in high school, like 1991, it was totally different, squeezing out most music in favor of the newer hip hop styles and mucking it up with television shows and now it’s all scripted reality TV and I swear they don’t even play music videos anymore.

      Shame on you, MTV!

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