Much ado about 2013

What follows is the introduction to the official brochure for the Planetary Museum’s exhibit Early 21st: A Retrospective of Polycultural Earth, copyright 2113, Planetary Society, all rights reserved.

Economic upheaval. Political instability. Fancy moustaches. The beginning of the end of big manufacturing, independent music, rampant retrophilia – these are hallmarks of the day 100 years ago, while a still-fragmented human race worked out the details of how to achieve widespread acceptance of what are now the Commonwealth’s most valued basic social rights, under the twin umbrellas of political and religious oppression.

In a time before the discovery of the silent Grey invasion and subsequent insurrection; before two wars in space threatened the tenuous unity of the fledgling Terran Commonwealth; before the advent of gainful unemployment, the early 21st Century stands as a time when the greatest minds, innovators, and engineers of today’s Commonwealth began to solve the myriad problems facing late-primitive humankind and took the first steps beyond the outer reaches of the Solar star system.

Listen to the music. Read the vintage text blogs that comprised the Internet in its infancy. See everything that is, as it was, in stunning Holo-D as the Planetary Society presents “Early 21st: A Retrospective of Polycultural Earth.

This post was inspired by today’s Daily Post prompt.

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