The unfinished basement

I’m obsessed with not having my work dirt in the main house, and it keeps me from waking the wife or baby by being in the bedroom on that creaky floor when I’m getting dressed. So every morning I go down to the basement where my so-called “office” is in order to change into my work clothes; upon entering the basement, I’m greeted by a long wall covered in pink foam insulation held up by bare stud walls. That’s as far as I got earlier this year.

The reasons are fairly simple: I can’t afford drywall right now, and if I could, I couldn’t get it home in my Focus or The wife’s Saturn; I want a pickup truck so bad. Furthermore, I’m supposed to have solved all moisture problems prior to finishing a basement wall, and recently I have found some moisture after a heavy rain coming from somewhere near that wall, if not on it. So I’m thinking at this point it might be easier to hire a company to do it after tax time because I don’t have the time with my busy work schedule to attempt a project of this calibre with no prior experience. I feel like there’s no point doing it if I can’t do it right because it will have to be done again eventually, if not by me then by the next guy, and who am I to put that on someone else?

Maybe I do need a kick in the pants. . . Or maybe I need a miracle of some sort.

This post was inspired by today’s prompt at The One-Minute Writer.


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