I found a surprise in my apple (fruit)

So I was enjoying my piece of fruit for lunch today – an apple, in case you haven’t guessed – and I found an interesting surprise:

(spoiler alert – it’s not a worm)20130729-133226.jpg

I guess this is what happens when your food isn’t sterilized, irradiated, pasteurized, and processed to death; this is an inspiring piece of living, whole nutrition – so good that the seeds in the core had already sprouted! If that’s not evidence that proper care was taken of this produce, I could not fathom what is. We have been getting most of our produce via a local co-op program called bountiful baskets lately, and I have been seeing some differences. Oranges that aren’t so acidic, bananas with a much longer shelf life, the most delicious plums and peaches imaginable. Anybody who thinks that sounds good and isn’t part of one should look into that, we pay $15 a week for a basketful of high-quality produce.

Are you part of a similar co-op, or of one that deals in meat, dairy, or other goods? Let us know what’s kicking on your neck of the woods.


    • It made me pause for a second and then I thought, ‘okay, I’ll take sprouts in my apple, why not?’ Then I wondered if there were still trace amounts of cyanide in the seed if it had sprouted because I wanted to eat the sprouts because I figured they were super-healthy. . . . but hey, a freak-out would not be completely unwarranted.

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