Drawing a Blank – Seriously!

You know those times you’re in the middle of a conversation and you come up at a loss for words – maybe someone just threw a snarky dig at you or said something funny. Then you walk away before you think of the perfect response – you wish you could go back and say it. Or, you’re still conversing three subjects down the line, and now you can’t bring it up in context anymore.

I wish my memory worked better, because I know I’ve had some whoppers in my time – more than just “your mom”, “your face”, “that’s what she said”, or “bollocks!” Alas, due to the ravages of time on memory’s gossamer fabric, not to mention the way memory is formed in a narcoleptic brain, I can’t remember a single one, and I know I haven’t had one recently. I should probably write them down in my notebook, but you can’t go back and get the ones you forgot. I’m learning this as I go!

So what about you, does this happen to you often? Do you remember them, or is it silly to assume people remember them for fun?

This post was inspired by today’s Daily Post prompt.
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  1. I can’t remember any as well, i have this situation every day with my close friend but not with anyone else.

    I think it would be very interesting to make a daily prompt on “when you wanted to say something important and did not say that” i think all of us would remember a lot of moments when we wanted to say something but was afraid or unsure at that time.

    • Oh yeah, doubtless that, but I bet the memory is reinforced each time we uselessly kick ourselves while standing there not saying what we ought to say. I would write on that subject.

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