Surf Artist Highlight: The Bambi Molesters

So what’s in a band’s name? When you hear “Bambi Molesters”, does it put you off your groove just a little? Perhaps. But if you settle in to the sounds of this surf band out of Croatia you would swear you’re listening to vintage surf, something from contemporaries of Duane Eddy, Link Wray, or the Ventures. The Bambi Molesters have been performing for nearly thirty years – since 1995 – and have been one of the few bands to put their own stamp on the vintage surf sound. I only ran into this band a few years ago on a compilation that was included with Double Crown Records‘ magazine The Continental. Now, they’re one of my favorites.

Click an album cover to find it in Amazon’s MP3 store:
Intensity!dumb loud hollow twangsonic bullets as the dark wave swells

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