Who’s Busy Now #FridayFictioneers

At first, I built the effigy as an artistic statement; the bees were dying off for some reason. It was “colony collapse disorder”, and I thought it was larger than life.

They asked to display my work, and I agreed when they told me I would get free publicity: a write-up in the local paper. I didn’t realize how dire the situation was –

that for every big discovery, there’s something bigger; pollenating robots came along just in time to alleviate the extinction of honeybees, but will we always be so fortunate?

Here I am, waiting for the next big thing.

This post was prompted by Friday Fictioneers.


    • What’s even worse is the realization that we have to reckon with the repercussions of those messes that we have nothing to do with – on this planet we are all a hive, and none of us can truly wash our hands of it, saying “I’m not part of this problem.” Thanks for commenting!

    • Aloha! Indeed, the infamous ‘grey goo’ (sludge works too, but I cling to alliteration because it makes it sound like an awkward supervillain) – and I have a feeling that that may be that “next big thing” my character awaits, understanding that each fix may have unrecognized future repercussions.

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