RIGHT: Finding a Different Path

Cooper knew nobody else could do this:

each time he closed his eyes, he saw himself run toward a particular corner and turn left.

He could do this all day; his body lay shattered in a hospital bed –


Each time, blown clean out of his running shoes by a runaway sedan.

If he could find a different path, he could switch into it;

this one was beginning to cramp his style anyway.

Apparently, the multiverse was out to get him. Not once yet has he taken a right instead.

Hey – no sweat, right? He could do this all day.

This flash fiction in 100 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


    • With any great power comes a great consequence; who knows if he’ll find the right path? I imagined that the more he does it, the harder it is to find an amenable path – it gets all muddy, like the butterfly effect, and he might be herding himself farther and farther toward unavoidable destruction, perhaps of an entire Universe.

      I wish I had more words at my disposal to do a paragraph about the outliers – the one where he drops dead of a heart attack before the accident, the one of a stroke, one of micrometeorite strike. The ones where the car kills him outright, the one where the kid driving it gets out and finishes him off with a shotgun. . . I actually first thought of this while I was running, you know.

  1. Rob, I can’t express enough how eerie and in tune with my experiences this flash is…we are both slight physics/math nerds…and if I haven’t told you before…when I was in a three month coma..my belief in the multiverse was solidified. In fact somewhere out there I’m positive you are my twin brother.
    I actually cried upon reading this because (spending more of my life in the hospital than out) this is to the tee…exactly how I escape when laying in the hospital bed.
    This flash is for more meaningful than you may have intended….thank you.

    ps brother…..the presents in the mail and the goose flys at midnight:)

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