Is there a “never again” for me?

I remember. . .

I would totally be the kind of person who would say “I’ll never do that again!” If I did something new that I thought would be the same hassle time and time again, but more likely I’d have some idea of where it went wrong and I’d be open to doing it again. I can’t say I’ve been in that situation very much though – at least, not that I remember.

The one time I remember, my wife and I were swimming in the river. This is before we got married. I think we swam downstream a ways, and then we had to come back upstream and we had to walk through this slippery, rocky area beneath one of the bridges and it was so treacherous that we had to hold onto each other to keep from killing ourselves, and I was like, “let’s not do that again.” Needless to say, she agreed.

Then we went to this Chinese buffet in town and they always have the most horrible food – obviously the last time we were there was not the first time – but the last time was the last straw. I said, “I don’t know why we keep coming here. The food is disgusting. The meat in the stir-fry bar is obviously old, don’t bother. I swear, don’t ever ask to come here again, because I never want to come back.”

As open-minded as I can be, I can definitely hold a grudge, too. Let that be a warning!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt and their Weekly Writing Challenge.


  1. Two things: ive been vegetarian since age 12 ..ill never eat meat again: and one more thing that caused a terminal illness around the same age .ILL NEVER DO AGAIN…other than that lets strap on the parachutes and JUMP!

  2. I try not to say never to any experience life flings at me. Still………..I am absolutely petrified of the dark. Not the boogie-man sort of murky dark, but utter darkness. I feel like I am smothering, and even though I know I’m not, that I’ll be fine if I just breathe and wait, my reaction is visceral. Instantaneous. Totally unstoppable. So, I do try to avoid situations that could put me in total darkness…………unless it’s riding an elevator or the subway, where everyone will have phones until we can get out.

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