Do I really want my palm read?

English: Chart of the Hand.
English: Chart of the Hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I imagine I’m on a long flight sitting next to someone who, as it turns out, is a palm reader. Or, at least they think they can read palms. So, at first they might offer nicely to read my palm for me. I start to consider switching seats, but I can’t figure out why anybody would want to sit next to a person who asks to read your palm on a flight. There is something a little wrong with that. Is it a way to segue into a terrorist attack, or is it just going to be the most awkward flight in the history of mankind?

I would do my best to avoid this, because I really don’t believe that the palm has anything to say about a person’s past or future or anything else, for that matter; however, somehow the prompt has got me acquiescing. So what does this charlatan tell me? Can I look forward to health? Do I expect wealth, or success? Am I going to meet a beautiful dark mysterious lady, who will make my life complete – before I reveal to this palmist that I’m married with child? Will my fortune be specific, or will it be a collection of generalities that are supposed to lead me toward believing in this hocus-pocus?

Those people are supposed to be pretty good at cold-reading others, drawing out facts from a person like pulling pickles from a jar, while making it seem as though the “psychic” is divining them somehow. I’ve learned to cultivate a healthy skepticism toward a lot of superstition related to fortune-telling. I like newspaper horoscopes because they often give good advice, and somehow horoscopes are more often than not correctly guessing a person’s personality by their zodiac sign. But that does not mean that I believe in it.

My hands are strong, but finely structured with some callousing on the palms. So I’m a working man and I desire money, right? I’d settle for a decent pickup with a tonneau cover, really. And what do I know of lifelines? I’m pretty sure mine is at least this long.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post Prompt.


  1. I cant conceive my hands have anything to say about my future. …although the joints and nails can be used scientifically to diagnose disease.
    Ill always keep an open mind.
    One thing is true: hands create and destroy.
    …and creative thought works.

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