Do I really have a dark side?

Rob lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality.


There is – unseen by most – an underworld: a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit.

A dark side.

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Okay, yeah I know that’s the intro to Tales From the Darkside. I couldn’t resist! But let’s imagine that when the moon gets full I go all flipside. What does that look like? First of all, I’m so genuinely nice that there’s no mistake in thinking that I’m a churchgoing Christian. In fact, I believe everything they tell me at church. And on TV. And the radio. And tabloids – especially tabloids. In fact, I’m probably the biggest, most gullible fool on the planet. You wanna sell me a used car? Because that’s when you really want to do it.

And I’m not just nice but open, and really easy to get to know. I walk up to people and say “hey, I’m Rob. Rob Ross. How’s it going?” At the supermarket, at the bank, the gas station – I don’t avoid people, rather I gravitate toward them. I make small talk and I’m amazingly good at it. Within minutes I can gain a person’s trust and I file that away for future exploitation. Because deep underneath, I’m a psychotic snake coiled to strike. All I need is to get all of my tiles into place, and then . . .

This is what it’s like when worlds COLLIDE!!!

1930 to 1939 1940 to 1949 1950 to 1959 1960 to...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I got here on the backs of the weak, to be honest – I bullied them in grade school, made them do my homework for me, and then I cheated my way through first high school and then college. Once I get my ultimate goal of political power, I may appear to share it with others, but there’s no good reason for me to do that – I’d just be giving others a weapon that they can use against me. And they would do that in a heartbeat.

Would I still be a blogger on those nights? Heck no! I mean, who’s got time to blog when there’s so much evil to perpetrate?

In this world of full-moon flipside lunatics, I shudder to think of what happens when the goodness I believe to be inherent to the human spirit goes out the window!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Perfect media clips….you are a genuine,good person.
    I do have a darkside…always have..grew up in violence…through bjj judo muay thai and of course writing ive been lucky enough to learn how to examine the darkness and channel it for good. One of my best life learning experiments.

  2. Glad I’m on your good side. Wait a minute, I am right. Your not coiled ready to strike at me. I hope not. I enjoy your posts too much and appreciate the likes you give mine.

  3. Great writing Rob. I do also feel that, there is also a brighter side to the dark full moon night. That’s love and romance. … i must say…. that the full moon also does carry some significant tales of love and romance!.

  4. Hi, thank you for visiting my contribution, and thank you for sharing. I don’t know how to ping back–somehow the instructions elude me–even have read them several times. I know it must be simple, but, oh, my swiss cheese noodle….. And I am new, and just learning how to roll over, : )

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