Weekly photo challenge: focus one

I’ve noticed when taking pictures with my iPhone that if I tap on the screen, it will focus where I tap it. Also it adjusts the light levels based on the light and color levels at the point where I tap it. That’s about as fancy as I get with my camera app so far, and here are the results in living color:

The first pic, I tapped on myself in the mirror to focus on me:


For the second, I tapped on the turnstile at the top of the walkway in the far distance:


What really amazes me is the difference in brightness and contrast created by where I choose to focus my picture. I’ve been playing with that a lot more as I take pictures outdoors at sunset and at dusk, situations where lighting is essential. The entire picture changes depending on where you choose to focus.

This post was prompted by This week’s Daily Post photo challenge.


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