Would I really disregard the consequences?

Fellow blogger Maggie asked me a simple question with terrible implications: what would I do if I could live a day without consequences?

Hope Diamond, unset, on display.
I heard it glows red after being exposed to ultraviolet light. People say that they’re not really impressed when they see it in person, that they tend to expect more size; but it’s a blue diamond the size of a walnut. What were you expecting, a bowling ball? I’ve bought diamonds you can’t  see without a microscope. This thing is feckin’ huge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holy smokes – the possibilities! Maybe if I was an evil mastermind I would do something truly dastardly: I would steal the Hope Diamond and resell it on the black market the same day, no consequences. I’m not that guy though, and even if I were I don’t have the correct connections.

Plus, I have this weird block about doing dastardly things – it just doesn’t feel right, consequences or no. But what do you do if there aren’t any consequences? Is there anything that doesn’t make me feel like I’m breaking the rules, thereby being dastardly?

Perhaps I could bungee jump off the Statue of Liberty – except I don’t like the idea of falling out of a chair, much less from the top of the She-Colossus of Manhattan. Scratch that.

I’m not sure I could live without consequences, not even for a day – because the question is, could I live with myself after that day? Even if that day’s actions were completely consequence-free. . . well, speaking of the nature of consequences – maybe I’d just go surfing.

Like, seriously.

Young Woman learns Surf Lessons
“So, THIS is a surf board.(Photo credit: epSos.de)

Think about this: I have no clue how to surf. I’ve never surfed before, but I do want to learn, and to do it. From what I understand, it’s rare to even be able to stand on the board competently without trying and practicing a lot. So why not have a day where I can learn to surf without looking like a complete tool, without falling down, injuring myself, drowning, getting attacked by sharks, busting my head on a coral reef, or potentially turning everyone off with my whoops and hollers when I manage to stay up for just five seconds? I think that would be pretty sweet.

After my victory dance at the end of the day, when I’ve pretty much surfed my awesome little heart out, we’ll hang out at a huge bonfire, roast a pig, watch some dudes juggle some fire sticks, hassle some grass skirts, and then maybe I’ll go rob a Chase bank or something.

. . . and if you know me for realz, you know I will have fallen asleep sometime during dinner, because I’m narcoleptic and most of that last part will not happen.

But it’s fun to rise to the challenge of living a day without consequences.

What would you do?

This post was prompted by Maggiemay at Everyday Adventures.

If you have a prompt that you think would be interesting, or that you think I might make interesting, drop me a comment!


  1. the surfing sounds like an awesome time … and no consequences when learning? Even better.

    A tip, if I may … you want to get the balance bit started … find public transit in your area, if possible, or the nearest city, where the bus … and it needs to be bus … not trolley or tram or streetcar or subway …. sorry … where the bus routes are varied …. and then look for a route that not only does ‘regular’ traffic stuff … but has to travel outwards … towards the suburbs … preferably on a highway, where speed is essential … AND … along this route …. there needs to be a ’round-about’ … you know one of those crazy loopy around and around and around throw in incoming yields and outgoing lanes …. and so once you have found this particular bus route … travel it … frequently … and ensure you are always standing when this area is on the horizon … in all conditions …. traffic rush hour packed jostling each other bus …. available seating hours etc.

    I swear it’s an excellent way to ‘surf’ … we used to practice it rather regularly in our youthful follies. 🙂

  2. Sadly, our public transit is threadbare and we have no roundabouts; still, it’s a good suggestion and I will keep it in mind if I am ever able to try it out. I’ve decided too that the first thing I’m going to work on is popping up from prone to standing, because apparently there’s a method, and if I can learn it and be decent at it, then that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

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