Saturday Jams: Birthday Wishes

A while back, Rob was bitten; not by a radioactive spider but by an idea to post a weekly article about a few songs that he really likes. There are so many possibilities that the series could go on forever, and so Saturday Jams was born.

This is gratuitous, I know it is, but:

Today is my birthday, and I’ve got about ten minutes to write this post.

Thirty-six years ago I came into this world – if you listen to my mother’s version it was after many, many hours of hard labor, but I still don’t understand why they would make a pregnant lady work, especially so close to her due date. For that reason alone, I tend to be skeptical and I like to think it was more like the beginning of the Golden Child, where the Tibetan kid is carried in on a litter, dressed in fine robes and subsequently kidnapped by demons. Except I probably wasn’t kidnapped by demons. But I’m sure you follow where I’m going with this, right? I’ve lined up some special birthday music for myself, but I can’t use the good-old birthday song because that’s actually protected by copyright and I think it’s owned by the Warner Music Group and is under copyright protection until 2030, if you believe what they have to say about it. That’s alright, we’ve heard that one a million times, and a video of that would probably bore me to tears, so I’m going for a couple of my personal faves, and see what else I can grab real quick.

First, just so I don’t run out of time before putting this out there, this one is my very favorite. It’s in Russian, and it’s a crocodile singing about how it’s so unfortunate that his birthday only comes once a year. The cartoon is neat, though.

The lyrics are a rough translation, at best.

Now my wife wants to go – we have to go to the in-laws’ for my birthday dinner.

One more:

I promise I’ll be back next week with something legitimate!

Do you know of an awesome birthday video? Do me a present and link it in the comments!

Submission by seablackwithink: (warning: NSFW language) (thank you sister!)
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