Surf Report: Counting Calories, loving stress, and enjoying popcorn

I thought that it might be nice to share a few of the things that I find around the Internet while I’m being distracted from running and writing in the morning – things that I like, things that I feel like I should share with my readers and that I don’t really know if I could do justice for in just one post. Hence we have the Surf Report: a roundup of things I have to share with all of my wonderful readers.

First in the roundup today is an article I just finished reading about why counting Calories may be an inaccurate gauge of nutritional content and intake. I thought it was interesting because I am myself on a restricted-Calorie diet, and some of the science behind this new thought on Calories may explain why that works for me.

Why We Can’t Rely On Counting Calories

Next we have this TED video – I told myself I wasn’t going to do this to you, but it’s a fifteen-minute video about stress and how the idea that it’s bad for us is a bunch of baloney that’s conditioning us to kill ourselves physiologically when we are under stress. I think everyone should watch this, it really speaks to the reach of the positive attitude’s power on ourselves.

Finally, if you’d like a light snack, try making popcorn with the Swedish Chef:

Stay out of trouble!



  1. This is great…another commonality between us …calorie restriction:) I tend to believe that when we overload our bodies with food that they only concentrate on digestion and ignore other misfires that need attention….just a theory.
    Also, I am a prime example of stress…it shows in my bloodwork…there is a direct corollation between how I feel and what my numbers look like…pretty cool.
    Thanks for posting this brother.

  2. Everyone on the Internet is out to get me today. First, Misti with her coconut cake. I can’t even bear to open Rogers’s langoustines. And now you with popcorn. I ate popcorn every single day before I met MTM. It would probably be my request for a last meal.

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