I say today is about peace.

Alastair: So what do you think of Facebook’s new privacy policy? — Phineas: TLDR! (Photo credit: lovelornpoets)

So do you ever get to feeling like all anyone ever does online is complain about stuff? There’s too much media, too much content, too much pornography, too little security, not enough oversight – Facebook keeps changing, Twitter is pointless, do we even need LinkedIn? Some people talk about copyright infringement and how it’s too easy to do by accident now and how it’s too hard to go after all of it.

And it’s not just online, but in real life; people rant about all kinds of silly things: they don’t like the President, they don’t like this policy or that one. People rant. I rant. Everyone does it, and sometimes you just have to do your part to balance it out. I’ll tell you today about something that I’m truly thankful for: peace.

That’s right, I’m thankful for peace.

I know that might sound a little contrived, and so you might be somewhat skeptical, but stay with me as I explain my standpoint. Peace is like a warm breeze that blows on your face, except it’s blowing on your mind. It’s giving you comfort in the cold and helping to keep you cool in the heat – it’s balancing you out and making you feel light as a feather when you feel it because guess what? You don’t have a thing to worry about. Nothing on your shoulders weighing you down and nothing to hold you back.

Mephisto - Solo un uomo...
“I have decided. . . you are okay. I will not kill you today.” (Photo credit: Funky64 (www.lucarossato.com))

Peace is the arbiter that easily brings two parties into complete accord. It lubricates the ways to understanding and true knowledge of oneself and others. Peace is there to help us achieve our maximum potential at minimal cost. Peace is an ideal to which we aspire as a people, and for the most part, as a world, but it is easiest to achieve when all parties involved desire peace, because when peace is on the table no cost is too great for him who desires it.

That being said, I can only be grateful for peace, because whenever I feel it, I feel the oneness between myself and everything else, and even if that is just a fleeting moment, I know that I am learning something deep within, subconsciously; each moment of peace I experience brings me closer to lasting peace within.

So today, I ask you to go in peace and if you need to find peace today, do your best and hold onto that moment until it’s gone. Observe yourself, your feelings, and your reaction.

Namaste, peace & salaam.

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