100-Word Song: And She Was: Into the Eternal

Rotating Black Hole
Rotating Black Hole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haile took a sec to breathe reality,
before she jumped back in;
mouth and nose mask blowing gravity
before the vortex sucked her grin,
and she was.

Rising up, spreading out,
joining time and space –
dancing with the planets and stars,
do it with atomic grace.
Been born inside of nebulous clouds,
been sucked up in black holes –
been part of every savior
that ever rescued suffering souls.

She built this device with her armchair science,
commands it with a switch;
she’ll come and go just as she’ll please
one blink, she’s here in perfect pitch
and then she was.

This post was crafted for the 100 Word Song prompt at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.


  1. so beautifully crafted, not to mention the visual imagery…I think this my favorite 100 word song post of all time…it could be a song in and of itself….wonderful job brother

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