Really make sense to you, do I?

Have you ever found something in plain sight that you had completely forgotten about?

Patterns of Force (Star Wars novel)
Patterns of Force (Star Wars novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a little notepad in my office the other day – one that I had gotten to take to work in my pocket; it’s a metal flip-case that takes little paper pad refills, and so is a little more protected against extreme wear from being in my pocket all day. I was glad to find it, and it was right there on my desk in plain sight – I hadn’t lost it, but just forgot that I had it.

I was even happier to look inside and see some ideas that I had generated for blog posts. They were interesting and even a little thought-provoking and if I ever get a chance to do them maybe I’ll write something brilliant, I don’t know.

Any famous writer can tell you that one of the most irksome questions a fan can ask is “where do you get your ideas?” If you didn’t know that already, take it to heart and make a mental note not to do it.

The more I write, the more I come to understand that story ideas are everywhere; they’re all around us. Stories are like the Force: they surround us. They penetrate us. They bind the Galaxy together. The canny writer is the one who writes down this world of ideas as they come, recording them so that they are rarely at a loss for ideas or work.

That’s why I purchased this little pad in the first place, and that’s why I’m glad I discovered it among the neatly arranged bric-a-brac on my desk – because now, more than ever, it will come in handy. He tried to hit me with a forklift! Now all I have to do is be more open to the world of ideas around me and get them written down. Do you record your ideas? How do you do that?

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. I have particular notebooks – years ago I always had the prescribed book of the moment with me. Now, nope. I just hope I’ll remember whatever it is – which is kind of stupid, but lately my memory is like a sieve. 😦

    If I’m at home, I’ll jot it down on whatever is closest to hand – which isn’t ideal – too many bits and pieces to keep track of – but at least it’s more concrete than doing nothing.

    Btw … liked how you worked in the line 😉

  2. I used to have notebooks. Lots of them. Everywhere. But I’ve fallen in love with OneNote. It’s on my phone. It’s on my computer. It’s all synced up. It’s got an endless supply of pages. I still have lots of notebooks, but now they’re all digital and I haven’t misplaced one yet.

    Most excellent view into a writer’s mind and perfect non sequitur. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I generally record my notes or I write them in this notebook I carry in my purse. That being said, I did just start blogging again and would really like my blog to not be 100% about food or weight loss. I seem to be obsessed with food and exercise.

    Oh, and when y’all do get here, I’ve got a place for us to go surfing. And standup paddleboarding (which K might prefer). Maybe rent a pontoon and picnic on the lake.

  4. That was good…now that you’ve mentioned ,whenever i get my idea, i don’t care where i am , i just take a pen\pencil and write it down on any piece of paper..
    Or i just type it down in my NOTEPAD in my cell phone =)

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