Are the details of a celebration really post-worthy?

Do you like to treat yourself when you receive unbelievably good news?

Celebration of Light 2011
(Photo credit: michellerlee)

I have a habit of doing this once in a while, and the news doesn’t have to be out of this world. I mean, getting a better paying job, getting pregnant, getting your income tax refund, finding money on the ground, mowing the lawn after two months of wild growth has eaten three cats and left your children stranded in the yard with no hope of rescue – I really think there’s something about human nature that makes us want to throw caution to the wind whenever something good happens. Maybe it’s got to do with all those skeevy neurotransmitters our brains are soaking in – dopamine surges and all that. Because when we get good news we like to throw our hands up and exclaim, “tonight we celebrate!” (Little did you know this tradition began with the exclamation “tonight we dine in Hell!”)

Let’s say for example that the news is beyond fabulous: somehow I’ve beaten the odds and landed a book contract with a nice little advance. Now that would be extraordinary news, and definitely celebration-worthy. Before having our daughter I would have suggested dinner at the Blarney Stone, which has to be about the best pub in town, even though they’re not one of the newer brew pubs. They have fantastic food, great music, and just a really nice atmosphere. If the advance is very generous I might be inclined to invite our good friends the Tomans along, as well as Zach and his girlfriend. Let’s make it a party, right? In fact, Blarney has a room that can be rented out for parties with a big hearth. Swank!

But now we have our daughter and I would hate to leave her out. Plus, in the interests of happier marriage and healthier health I have given up most, if not all, alcohol consumption. So maybe it would be a small party catered by Famous Dave’s or Schlotzskys or something. Then we could probably swing a slightly larger affair to include family. But that doesn’t feel like it’s up to the task of celebrating such awesome news, so I don’t know… does that seem weak to you? How would you celebrate something like that?

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