Where in the world is Rob’s Surf Report?

World map depicting Asia Esperanto: Mondmapo b...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that I could just put my life on hold and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world. Where would I go?

Let’s narrow it down to a continent first of all. I don’t know if I’m into first choices such as South America or Asia – in fact, they would be next to last on the list, ranking just higher than the Middle East (mind you, I’m not disparaging any place in the world, I’m just ranking them). Africa would be right above them, good surf or no.

(Photo credit: Kenny Teo)

I’d love to go to Australia for the surfing and the unique wildlife, but I have other priorities. The British Isles and Western Europe would be nice, and a second choice, because it’s always been something I have wanted to do…

But I think my first choice at this point in time would be Russia. I mean, as long as were pretending the Cold War is over, I would love to live with a Russian family; to practice my ever–increasingly rusty command of the language, to visit the museums and soak in the culture of a world that seems so different from my own, and yet quite the same.

Samara, Russia
Samara, Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, the question that always comes to mind, as it does now, is that of money. How would such an excursion be financed? There’s not enough money in the world to convince me that I’d be able to afford something like that for myself, let alone for the other two members of my family, who I would not go anywhere without. Perhaps upon reaching my destination I could work to help offset the costs of my keep – after all, I’d hate to be a burden on anyone. Plus, it would help get me out and immersed in the culture.

I wonder if such a program exists?

For now I say good-bye to you:

до свидание

this post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt..



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