Burning Bright

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The tyger that traipses, hunting
That peace, the meat of my soul –
Tail swishing, mind cunning; counting
The days til it’s eaten me whole.
Tales wishing, found running, sounding
The drumbeat of retreat!
Tyger burning, inside yearning, pounding
Through cadence of my feet.

Tread lightly, my boy –
Truth need not always be told.
The trap is set when
Tyger’s forget;
Trail grows cold, yet
Tyger attacks not
Til tyger’s forgot…

Tim stopped reciting and cocked his ear. Time in agonizing seconds slipped softly as the sigh of the breeze rustled the leaves trimmed darkly on velvet–faded trees. “There’s something’s in the woods,” he said.

“The leaves,” chimed Tracy.

Tony shrugged. “Critters.”

“Tina’s gone to pee,” Tracy said. “Totally her.”

“That’s it,” Tony agreed.

Tina emerged from the night, right on cue. Tracy opened her mouth to speak, as though to say, “see?” Then she stopped. Tina’s head hung low – dark fruit with a darker pit – eyes hidden in shadow. Tattered hair hung limply around slumped shoulders, unloosed from her braid. They all stopped, hearts and all, as the last of her crept free of the shadows; and they saw what she was holding. Tracy began to shriek, over and over. Tim was frozen; Tony scrambled to run.

Their screams went unheard by any other among the living.

Toby Paulson, Associated Press – October 1st, 2013

Temple Point  – The remains of four teenagers reported missing last Wednesday were located yesterday morning by a local ranger in the Temple Park woods near I-75. They were discovered after the SUV owned by one of the teenagers was found parked in a nearby clearing, Morrison County sheriff’s spokesman Aaron Mattson said in a statement.

The youths’ deaths were being investigated as a possible homicide, Mattson said, but he wasn’t ruling out a wild animal; he provided no additional information and did not return a call for a comment. The investigation is ongoing and more details will be released as it progresses.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. There are some shocks going on around here too it seems. Thoroughly enjoyed the post. That’s okay to say isn’t it? That I enjoyed a post about mutilated bodies?

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