The Gremmie’s Lament

Trouble Waking Up
“Seriously? Can’t I sleep in?” (Photo credit: zoomar)

I woke up this morning
with a pain in my neck,
my shoulders on fire,
and my back was a wreck.
Breakfast is nada
but I’m hungry again,
and it’s just half an hour
till I’ve got to punch in.


English: 2010 Mavericks surfing competition. T...
“What happens if I do this?” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m surprised that car
even got me to work.
My boss picked today
to be a royal jerk.
I’m cleaning up after other guys, and
That ain’t right;
I hope someday everything is gonna be alright.


I never have the time
to do everything;
the list is always longer
then it’s ever been.
I’ve never been surfing,
don’t know if I will.
Every time I get closer, here
comes another bill.

Peter Yarrow By Phil Konstantin
“Okay, okay, I’ll give you the money if you let my guitar live.” (Photo credit: Officer Phil)


Paul’s getting paid while
Peter’s looking down the barrel,
and the almighty credit score
Is constantly in peril.
I keep kicking the can,
But hey the end is in sight;
I know someday everything is going to be alright.


Just breathe, exhale –
Let your spirit feel light
You gotta believe
It’s gonna be alright
If nothing else goes right
Make it right in your head
Because that’s where it starts
And it ends eventually, so…

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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