Baby It’s Not Cold Enough Outside…

Do you ever procrastinate at the start of writing something because you’re not sure how to start?

I’m not talking about anything so terrible as that dreaded writers’ block; but just that variable moment of hesitation before the first word takes shape. Sometimes we can dive right in as soon as we start, and then sometimes we meander, trying to find a place in the developing prose.

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That’s how I view the changing of the seasons – moving through transitional spring or autumn toward extreme summer or winter. These periods are ripe with vacillations: temperature swings, wide variations in cloud cover, cold mornings and sunny, warm afternoons.

It’s like the climate can’t make up its mind; partly that’s frustrating because I dress warm, in long sleeves and a jacket in the morning only to find myself uncomfortably warm later in the day.

Anyone in those climates prone to snowy winters can relate to the sense of seasonal malaise I tend to get around February, when it feels like the winter has lasted far too long and the spring is still too far off; but I find that this year I have grown to feel this way about summer, too. I love the heat, but I have grown weary of hot summer days. I long for cool breezes; overcast, gray skies; chilly mornings, and nights snuggled up under blankets. Jacket and cap weather. Wooly weather.

English: Winter Landscape at Chaldon, Surrey Y...
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I’m glad autumn is here, but the transition to winter is a bit frustrating; I’m fulfilled some days, or parts of some days, and others make me want to go back inside, shut the curtains and listen to “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I can’t dress appropriately without coming off like an aging grunge fan.

I’d rather go out my waistcoat with my mustache waxed, that would make me feel less self-conscious – less grungy, too.

If you tried to give me another week of summer I would do my best to give it right back. I’m done with heat, gardening, mowing the grass, and trimming the shrubbery for another year. I’m ready for raking and bagging leaves and – unfortunately – pine needles. I would like to clean out the gutters, if I had a ladder. Pretty soon I’ll be ready to shovel snow, rake the roof, and park in the garage.

This year I’m ready for Old Man Winter, so you may as well get on with the fall!

What do you think: are you done with the summer, or would you take another week of it? What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks and months, or what would you miss about the passing season?

this post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. You put that so well. There is vacillation at this strange time when, as you say, one minute you’re dressing for what looks like a chilly day only to find that Autumn has changed its mind and donated another day to Summer’s end. It’s when we get into the heart of it that you really feel it has arrived. Longing then for crisp and cool, fresh and aromatic. Trees whose leaves make you gasp in admiration that Nature holds such colours on her palette.
    Winter though is a bummer! Too cold, too wet, too dark, too depressing. Unless we get snow to brighten things up. But I’m glad there are changes to observe and enjoy. And the smells of each season are quite unique. 🙂 x

  2. Okay …. here’s my version of “the deal” —- you get the head-start on winter and all that jazz – and I’ll keep the late summer, early fall warmth and beauty – let’s say – until next April? Because I’m so generous and considerate, I’ll even allow for the odd, as in once a week light *sfall* – let’s say 4 inches. No more. No less. Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts be damned! 😉

    Sound good?

    Great post 🙂

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