Let’s Get Lost–

Do you ever feel lost in your everyday life?

[Edinburgh from the castle, Scotland] (LOC)
Edinburgh (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)
I’ve been lost before – lost in the grocery store as a kid, lost at the department store; I’ve been lost driving through Detroit and Columbus, Ohio; lost running around Bismarck (North Dakota); I undertook my basic training for the US Army at a place that was nicknamed “Fort Lost in the Woods”. I have been lost in the woods before, and I’m often lost in thought. Recently, I wrote about a time when I was lost in my woes. I’ve been lost, gotten lost, lost my mind and my way, and felt the bitter sting of loss.

So here’s a question: do we ever really know where we are?

Think about it: we’re constantly tripping and catching ourselves in life – never quite sure-footed, but always somewhere on the spectrum that describes the state of management of the many elements of our lives.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia (Photo credit: Dougtone)

We are living, breathing, hyper-threading processors – never truly multitasking, but seeming always to exist under this ever-changing set of parallel tasks in conditions that no matter how stable they seem, could change in a blink, leaving us adrift and needing to recalculate the next few moves.

So in a way, we are always seeking a path – never quite found, never fully lost; but somewhere in between.

In a way, I think I’ve always been somewhat lost – distracted from where I meant to be. It feels like someday I will be found living with my family on some northern coast, but where exactly? Alaska? Oregon? New England? Scotland? How about Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Is this a primal call back to my ancestral home, or some sort of mild mid-life condition? Inside I seem to crave the cool, coastal air; the ocean’s salty spray, white noise that comes not from traffic, planes, or trains but from nature herself – not the placebo but the real deal.

I feel like I need that; Mme. Ross and I talked about it and we’re planning a move next year that probably will not happen. Call it a “what if” plan. But it will happen eventually; this way, when it does we will be ready.

This post was prompted by this week’s What If? Writing Challenge. What if you gave it a go?

What if? Weekly writing challenge


  1. Remember the power of creative thought, as ryan said just now intention….we are living proof that this works.
    In an expansive universe in a way we are all lost…..i was taught a grounding exercise when we feel internally or maybe emotionaly lost…if you i will email you this meditation.
    Let me know.
    I have felt misplced often as has ryan…however when we focused positively on this question through meditation…the answers seemed to pop up from the nowhere that is greater than us all.
    Such a wonderful post.
    Love brother

    • I would think more like one of those fancy sewing machines the renaissance faire people use to embroider their costumes, because I see where you’re going with that. Plus I feel we need more fancy embroidery these days – there’s not nearly enough that’s not gracing the backs of teenage pants. 😛

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