What’s to miss when I’m gone?

Have you ever left home, and found that there was something you missed?

Chain Gang street sweepers. From a real photo ...
Oh – that’s the sound. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five or six days a week I leave the house in the morning to go to work; I know it’s a thing I have to do, but I would much rather stay home with my family – be close to them and a bigger part of their lives. Especially my daughter, who at sixteen months is going and growing like crazy. She’s getting taller, and now she’s saying “thank you”, and “sit down”. I would love to be there for these milestones, but unfortunately, this is not how the world works – c’est la vie. Pretty soon I’m packing up Mme. Ross and the daughter for a trip to visit Clan Ross: the Extended Edition. When we go on trips like these, I tend to both overpack and pack light; but how does that work, you ask? Typically, I’ll pack two to three books to read, a journal or three, writing utensils, pencils, a white eraser, highlighters, my computer, a trial bottle of shampoo, my electric razor, a set of pajamas, enough underwear and socks for the trip’s duration, a couple of extra shirts, and a jacket. That’s all I really need. Between my wife and daughter we pack enough to fill the free baggage allotment with some room to spare, so what’s to miss? I have the most important thing in the world – my family – with me, and the Earth is all around me. In that case, I need nothing else. Except… surfing. What do you think? Is there something that ties you to your particular locale, that you would miss if you were away from home? Or are you completely free because you can take it with you if you wish?

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. I hate leaving my animals behind. Of course there are times when it’s easy enough to bring Neikah with us – but Salem is a cat. It’s been a while since she has been in her pet mobile home – and let’s be honest – she may travel well and quietly, but to pack up a litter box etc.? Really not happening. So if I have to leave for more than 6 hours, traveling or running errands, then I feel guilty about leaving either or both of them behind. In fact, I’ve always been that way with regards to my animals. During that wicked Ice Storm I wouldn’t leave the dog or cat behind, even though it was time to get out of the house and seek warmth and shelter elsewhere. For me, my animals come first – they always have and will – after all – they are dependent on me – and I am their provider. I also am very selective about who would get the privilege of caring for them if an emergency really needed me to be away for any longish length of time. Maybe that sounds a bit crazy – but it’s how I am. 🙂

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