Haiku: Appeal

Families of Drone Strike Victims Tell Their Stories | NPR


Drones protest at General Atomics in San Diego
(Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Those of us who work
for our families — like you —
did not vote for this.


    • I feel so bad when I hear stories like that, and then they’re like, “please tell the President I’m not a terrorist”. I wish I could tell them that the American people at large are not murderers hiding behind robot assassins.

      • Hmmm…true..but I’ve not seen many Americans stand against it either. I mean ofcourse there is a part of Americans who do stand but most of them don’t.

        The people who are affected they don’t care if American people are involved or not, they just don’t want their family members to be brutally murdered.

      • I’m sorry to say this but its a big deal if only one American gets killed but hundreds of us die here and nobody gives a damn. Its not your fault but its the reality.

        I’m not at all saying that American death should not be honored but a death here should be honored the same way.

            • I think a lot of us feel powerless. We’re told – we are brought up to believe that our vote counts, but the system is rigged in such a way that either we don’t get a vote or a vote doesn’t really count as much as it should. When it comes to things like what the military is doing, we get no say at all. And people do hold rallies and protests, but I’ve never seen anything like that get anything done. Recently our government shutdown for over two weeks, because they couldn’t agree on anything; over time, it seems like the government is becoming increasingly weaker, and I think that’s because the American people keep getting their powers taken away from them more and more.

              I think most of us really want to just be able to help in ways that are appreciated, rather then having the government or the military pursue their own agendas or those of the big corporate sponsors.

              • Hmmm…Yes I think you are very right. When the power is taken away from the people, slowly but surely, it effects the state as well. But as long as there are a part of people standing up for their own and others right, something good will come out of it someday for sure.
                I hope everything will get better with time and our governments will be able to put aside their differences. But that day seems too far.

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