What the fox says we should hand out for blog treats:

For a long time I have wanted to be the guy who hands out the candy on the porch at Halloween. There’s not a whole lot of footwork involved – which might sound weird, coming from a fitness-oriented guy – I can stay tucked out of the way, being a part of Halloween without having to invest a lot of effort. So how much better would it be to sit on the blog porch and hand out something to all the trick-or-treating goblins that happen to come this way today?

But what to give out? I mean, it should be substantial, right? Coupon codes are a good thing to give out online, but those probably have less than universal appeal. Digital content? I gotta have it in order to give it up. But a free music download would be a neat way for musicians to bring people in on Halloween. As we speak I’m taking advantage of a special promotion at a local business. . . Waiting for my turn to get some inexpensive ink. Looking forward to this, even though I just got a little tree on my shoulder a few weeks ago and tomorrow I’m getting my surf piece.

So hey, tell you what – if I had a song, I’d give out free downloads all day. If I had a story, free downloads all day!! But right now just about everything I have to offer is here or it’s not ready for prime time. Patience, young padawans – maybe next year!


This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. That’s why we’re still padawans, we haven’t learned patience yet. 😉 Good idea, though! Maybe only Halloween themed stories or music? Well, maybe taking the choice away wouldn’t make it such a good treat – but it would certainly make it more festive! Thanks for the like!

    • You don’t want to make it ala-carte. Make it one thing, say “hey, free download for Halloween/Christmas/Kwanzaa/whatever” and make it something different from time to time and people can get a sample of your premium stuff – if you have any. My head hasn’t gotten quite that big yet. 😉

    • Well, if nothing else, it’s a way to get people to sample your goods – try it before they buy it, as it were. Based on that and some song clips you could probably get people to purchase an album if it’s pretty good. Or a free story and sample snippets from other stories or something could persuade people to buy a short story collection.

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