Hitler’s Douchery and the American Government Shutdown

What would you do if you were asked to resolve a conflict?

I have been asked to resolve conflicts before, and I think I would be qualified to listen to both sides and judge an outcome fairly; but perhaps not to the satisfaction of all parties involved. After all, when you are resolving a conflict, it’s not always a compromise. Sometimes there’s a winner and a loser, and it seems like the loser always feels like they’ve been treated unfairly.

When the issue is clear-cut, it’s a no-brainer and you don’t pity the loser; for example, if we were talking Hitler I’d be all, “sorry Hitler – you’re a douche.” But hey, I’m not President Roosevelt or Winston Churchill, because settling the issue by doing the right thing in the first place must. . . not? . . have been the right thing to do? I suppose it’s not really a big deal until your supplies of wine and brie are cut off by the German war machine. . .

Yay for politics!!  (blows raspberry)

And that’s what this all comes down to: politics. If you’re asked to resolve a conflict, there’s a number of ways you could throw it down. Be absolutely fair, risk pissing people off; come down on the side of your friends, prove yourself to be politically aligned and potentially uncool for your choice of alignment, and risk pissing people off; or choose to do nothing, let them fight it out, risk pissing people off.

Sometimes that last choice is the right one. “Hey, I’m not taking sides here.” Sometimes it’s not the right choice. “I know I’m one of the ones responsible for deep-sixing the original intentions for universal health care. I know that I’m one of the ones responsible for creating the current system, which is really the old system under a new name, with higher premiums, and legally mandated insurance (you’re welcome, Aetna. Check’s in the mail, right?) I know that I’m just doing this because the President is black and Democratic. And I think this is all unfair to me and so I choose to do nothing until the entire thing is shot down so we can see what a failure this administration is.” BOOM, government shut down. Good thing or bad thing?

Maybe CNN can tell us:

eeeh. . . maybe not.


This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Couldn’t agree more, Surf-man, did it all the time when 2 students started escalating in class. Oh, yeah, I made one minor movement: Simply positioned myself between the 2 idiots so they had to look around me to lock eyes with the other idiot. Soon the whole class was laughing, the idiots even….sheepishly. Only got hit once. But that was in the hall, so it don’t count.

    • Oh right, twist the facts to make yourself look good!

      Ha ha, I could see myself doing that, except you do take that risk that you’re going to run into that one student that doesn’t mind hitting a teacher (and you know some do think about it.)

      • Agreed–and vice versa. Choose your turf carefully. Still, 10 years in 2 very tough schools—not a bad average.
        Peace out.

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