Knit’s just the beginning . . .

What have you learned from Google?

I search Google all the time for just about anything I need to know, and some things that I don’t; still, I don’t use it nearly enough because I’m always asking questions, and I’m often asking others questions that I could easily have answered online. I forget more often than you’d think that I have that option, but it’s worth it if I can get some good human interaction alongside solid advice.

So recently I spent a lot of time fishing around for advice and information on cable knitting (in case you don’t know, I knit. It’s fun.) and I discovered the Dummies site. Their stuff on cable knitting explains the process so clearly that I actually wanted to smack myself upside the head for thinking it was so complex (well, the patterns can be complex, but it turns out a cable is just a cable.)

I learned to make rope cables and open cables, and last night I finished a hat I was trying to copy from one I saw on Once Upon A Time. Ladies in knitting circles, it turns out, obsess over replicating the hats that Emma and Snow wear, but I wanted this hat I saw young Evan wearing on an episode earlier this season:


My first attempt is, I think, a respectable lookalike, but it’s not exactly what I want, which is that hat, knit by yours truly. But in designing this one I learned the particulars of knitting open cables and now I think I can replicate that Celtic knot design on that hat, but I’ll have to use smaller needles and cast on more stitches. Now I just need to figure out how to chart the pattern on graph paper, and I’ll be ready to rock.


So! Tell us about something you’ve learned on Google.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Loved this one and your knitting is perfect, I knitted a lot when the kids were kids, also did quite a bit of dressmaking/sewing, but the computer eventually took over. Try knitting an Aran sweater from the Scottish islands, that is cable pure.

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing my first sweaters this Winter, esp. after NaNoWriMo has concluded (or at least concluded for me). I’ll have to look about for a pattern for a Scottish sweater, it would probably go nicely with my Burns tartan scarf. 🙂

  2. I really need to pick back up on this. I tried to learn to knit and crochet last year around this time. Adding this to my “to do” list…

    • Ah, knit and crochet… Two different demons, but def. worth it. With crochet you get more opportunity for improvisation in the early stages of learning, but the real fun is mixing both knitting and crochet in a single project. 🙂 let me know how that goes, and if I can point you at any more resources or offer advice, feel free to ask.

  3. I love to knit. I’m working on socks right now. Using up some leftover baby yarn. 🙂 Glad to find more knitters. Thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to have visitors.

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