Haiku: Improvise


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Copyright ยฉ 2013 by Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.

Finding the pathway
from idea to the dream
takes a lot of guts.


      • Have you also read Stephen Kings? I think it’s called “to write” in english.
        Above everything else, I think it inspires to WANTING and NEEDING to write.

        • Oh yes, I am a proud owner of that one. In English it’s called On Writing and it’s the one I’m always quoting whenever I tell another that if they want to be a writer they must write, and that not having time is no excuse.

          • oh yes! “On writing” it is! I have it in swedish. And almost every other book written by King. My favorit is the loooooong story about the dark tower. Just love the Gunslinger…
            I think the last chapter is just so … IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Yeah you are not kidding, it drive me nuts sometimes, thinking he was going to die before he ever finished it, and then he almost did! But my favorite part about his work is how he was able to tie most of it back together after the fact into a more unified saga with elements like the breakers and the beams, RF and the Crimson King, and now with Dr. Sleep the RV people that collect and consume “steam” from precognitive children.

              • That sounds horrifying!!! I mean about the children.
                Apropos precognitive! Have you seen the movie “Minority Report”?

                I found out here that there is a new “dark tower” from 2012 – The Wind Through the Keyhole – but not in swedish. However! There is one (ONE!!!) copy in english at the city library. That one I’m gonna grab tomorrow! Hope nobody beats me on that one.
                And that I won’t forget…

              • ๐Ÿ˜€
                But I didnt understand what you meant with RF and RV. Maybe too late in the evening now.
                Most of the titles are more or less directly translated into swedish, but not all of them.

                • RF is the guy they call “the walkin’ dude”. In The Stand his name is Randall Flagg (as well as in the Dark Tower) and I believe there are other appearances where his initials are RF. RV is short for recreational vehicle, what we call informally a camper.

                  • Oh yes! Randall Flagg! I remember!!!!
                    One thing that amuses me about Kings book, is how people shows up in different books. There is also for example the priest from Salems Lot that suddenly appears in – it must be -The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla.
                    And other references as well.

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